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Longrun Software develops path breaking and effective internet security solutions for home, offices, small and medium scale enterprise users worldwide who need top security solutions to protect their PC and servers against all forms of Malware and Spyware ensuring that their online security is never compromised by an ever growing array of threats. Our award-winning, innovative product line helps protect money, privacy and data from sophisticated hacking attempts and threats.

Why Choose Us

Longrun Software is a versatile and highly effective PC and Security Optimization product that works exceptionally well in security computers. It provides its consumers with innovative system utilities and security software for superior PC performance and security. Longrun Software was founded by innovative entrepreneurs with many years of combined experience in software development, Marketing and Sales.

We are a team of highly skilled young talented individuals who commit themselves to delivering better products and services for our users. Longrun Software sets the pace for security, innovation, integrity and reliability.

Longrun Software help PC and Internet users, individuals, companies & agencies protect themselves, their network, computers, mobiles devices аgаіnѕt frаud, іdеntіtу theft, viruses and to make sure users privacy is always protected against all form of malware and spyware encountered online.

The flexibility our security software provide empowers our users and customers worldwide with the ability to protect their system from virus attack using our simple and easy to use scanning engine that can detect and remove a variety of malware from your computer.

We push for innovation so we can stay ahead of our customer needs. Our security software is solid and we test and re-test each update multiple times before launching to our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to defend tens of millions of people around the globe from digital threats, hackers, Internet trackers, online spies making sure you and your PC is safe online and you are completely in control of your digital life.

Our Responsibility

We are reliable and responsible, we take responsibility in everything we do, this has been our core value and has given us the advantage to create an all in one package that not only detects, removes bots, spam, viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans and any type of malware from your PC but also keeps it from being further infected. We take our end user’s digital security very seriously.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure our customer’s sensitive data is preserved even during critical times by providing easy to use security software for PCs, Mobile devices servers in order to protect your business reputation, money, and identity.


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