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Speedy assistance to your pc problems

We provide troubleshooting, installation and optimization solutions for the following:

Internet Browsers

  • Configuring plug-ins, add-ons and internet security
  • Removing browser hijackers


  • File management and transfers
  • Applications install and use
  • Configuring multimedia applications

Office & Productivity Applications

  • MS Office installation and configuration
  • Crashes, compatibility and system errors
  • Assistance finishing particular tasks


  • Configuring your Outlook email address
  • Add security layers to your email
  • Setup and managing email accounts

Windows Operating Systems

  • Installation help, fixing or configuring Windows
  • Startup and booting up settings
  • General PC maintenance
  • PC malware removal
  • Configuring Security apps

Mac Operating Systems

  • Installation help, fixing or configuring Mac OS
  • Startup and booting up settings
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Removal of computer malware
  • Securing application setup

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